ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! STEVAL-25R3916B 66 x 66 mm 2 turns antenna data

Hi,I am new to NFC therefore using the kit as a starting point. I learnt that we can use the following tools to design the antenna:- Question 1If I am using the  tool ( to help design the ant...

ctee by Associate
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Resolved! Interrupt issue at freertos

Hello,We are using ST25R3920B as NFC reader for our project. The communication is through SPI between mcu and NFC reader. I configured a GPIO as an interrupt and wrote a callback function for this GPIO.At the end of the callback function, interrupt f...

ST25DV04K iOS use without NDEF

In rubber ducking a specific issue with the ST25DV04K, I'm trying to take a step back and learn what others are doing. In short, I have a use case where the ST25DV04K is working well on Android with NFCv (

techdave by Associate
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Resolved! BSP for st25dvxxkc

Hi community, I´m new to NFC and looking for a st25dvxxkc BSP driver for my custom board.I see in the product MKBOXPRO the st25dv04kc is also used, what confuses me is two similiar folders for st25dv exist under the folder: Drivers/BSP/Components/, a...

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Resolved! How to use Direct mode in st25ru3993

according to datasheet I can set the RF field to High or Low via the MOSI pin, but when I look at the real RF field I found the problem that the RF field is set to Low and goes High immediately not remain low as ns delay time I set at firmware

chaiwat by Associate
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