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Resolved! M24C64-WMN6P spec check

Dear ST Team:We have E2PROM M24C64-WMN6P in our project, we checked from datasheet Page 20 & Page 25,there is a confusion need your help.ThanksOn Page 20, Table 12 shows Cbus load for I2C is 100pF max and 50ns max rise time,While on Page 25,Table 19 ...

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LisaXu by Associate
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Resolved! ST62T programming

Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum and have a problem involving an ST62T65CB6 microcontroller. I have been programming PIC chips for a long time and am familiar with the process of reading and writing to memory. My problem is that I have a board wit...

Chute by Associate
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Resolved! M95512 failed to read immediately after writing

 I write four bytes of data to M95512, and after the writing is completed, I read these four bytes. I must delay the writing for more than 3 milliseconds to read the correct bytes. Delays less than 3 milliseconds will read 0XFF. Why is this?What does...


Resolved! VN31 30F922 datasheet?

Hello,I have recently purchased an BMW F650GS motorcycle. Now there has been a rather amateurish fix to the fuel pump.Where it is now connected parralel over the rear light.The ECU feeds the pump via an VN31 30F922 (transistor?)Im trying to diagnose ...

Evert134 by Associate
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Looking for USB type C PD controller IC

Hi,I'm looking for  USB type C PD controller IC.We need 3 USB type C ports in our design. 1st port should support dedicated power in (up to 140W) and the 2nd and 3rd port should be dedicated for power out (65W) with variable power outThe product oper...

PY.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Gold plating thickness

For Aerospace products, we are still using SnPb solder and need to know what the Gold plating thickness is for the CMOS 14 pin CFPAK devices   5962F8761401VXC   Thank you

RBrooks by Associate
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