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INTERNAL ERROR: tuple index out of range

I create a model in ONNX (in attach file)I am unable to "Analyse" the model in X-Cube-AI Ver 5.1.2. All I get is an "INTERNAL ERROR: tuple index out of range" message

DK.5 by Associate
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Resolved! undefined reference to `neai_classification_init'

Hi, I have generated n-classification library file from NanoEdgeAI. for NUCLEO-L476RG Development board. I have included the knowledge.h and NanoEdgeAI.h files in Inc folder as shown in the tutorials. I have added libneai.a file to Src folder. I am g...

FP-AI-VISION1 Different Discovery Card

Hi, I would like to use AI in STM32H7B3I-DK Discovery Board, I followed the steps in this web site (https://wiki.stmicroelectronics.cn/stm32mcu/wiki/AI:How_to_use_transfer_learning_to_perform_image_classification_on_STM32) and when I came to FP-AI-VI...

X-CUBE-AI Object Detection Model - STM32H745I-DISCO

Hi everyone, I'm currently working on a TinyML project and I'm using a STM32H745I-DISCO with X-CUBE-AI 8.1.0 version. I'm facing a problem when understanding how to change the input of a Mobilenet object detection TFlite model. I would like to modify...

PreguntaSTM.png PreguntaSTM2.png

CMSIS DSP library with X-Cube-Ai

I am trying to use the statistical features of CMSIS DSP Library on STM32L4 board using TensorFlow lite with X-Cube-Ai (version 7.2.0) in Cube IDE (version 1.10.1) for machine learning. I am not able to use the FFT function with this, other than FFT ...

ABasra by Associate II
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Please help me with stm32 AI code once

 When designing stm32 AI, the values come out, but the learned values don't seem to come out. This is training data using 12 variables. Please help me if there is a problem with the code. /* System headers */#include <stdint.h>#include <stdlib.h>#inc...

Please check the CUBE AI code.

This is training data that receives 12 inputs and outputs 1, but strange values appear, so please check and review the code.  #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" {#endif /* Includes ------------------------------------------------------------------*/ #if d...