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Resolved! How to setup FDCAN on STM32MP157F-DK2?

Hi everyone! I'm here with my devkit and trying to have FDCAN working properly! I compiled the Yocto distribution for the board and I followed all the tutorials in the wiki ( ) and here's what I came up ...

SScar.2 by Associate III
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How to remove "sound" from DTS?

I am trying to use the 40 pin GPIO, namely pin 48 and pin 40 which are PF11 and PI6. PI6 is assigned to sai2. I've disabled sai2. However, the DTB will not compile because there is still a reference to the sai2 pins here:sound:sound{ compatible = ...

DDR addr bus test Error in STM32MP153A

We modified the device tree file corresponding to our development board based on stm32mp157d-ev1.dts.We did not use a PMIC chip, so we added our own power node and modified the default serial port output.This is my device tree file:The following erro...

0693W00000aJJ3vQAG.png 0693W00000aJJ6tQAG.png 0693W00000aJJ8BQAW.png
DG by Associate II
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STM32MP151 change default UART

We want to change default uart from UART4 to UART8,from:aliases { ethernet0 = &ethernet0; serial0 = &uart4; .... };we changedserial0 = &uart8;and implement uart8 as below:&uart8 { pinctrl-names = "default", "sleep", "idle"; pinctrl-...

Dat Tran by Senior II
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IWDG not able to trigger reset in U-Boot/Kernel

On an STM32MP157C the IWDG is setup correctly, but when I trigger an endless loop in U-Boot or a panic in the Kernel, after the timeout the reset does not work. All I know is that the debugger shows a Vector catch. In OPTEE OS the reset works. Is thi...

johnnyc by Associate III
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Resolved! extlinux.conf can't chose uInitrd boot

hi st expert​I am porting openstlinux for my robot board, I found that the system froze after uboot selected the extlinux file, and then rebooted after a while,the uart log :Do I have any debugging means to analyze where the current problem is? than...

0693W00000aIpSSQA0.png 0693W00000aIpnJQAS.png
ttao.1 by Associate II
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