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STM32MP1 - Bare metal on A7

Hi,I have a current project using the M7 that I need to port over to the A7. The goal is to be running bare-metal code on the A7, like we are on the M7. Currently, I am following this open source guide to run bare-metal on the A7 and it seems to work...

mkurtz by Associate II
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Debian Source list addition

Hi all,I would like to add debian source list to the existing sources in OpenSTLinux.I created a file mysources.list under folder /etc/apt/sources.list and added following lines to itdeb buster main contrib non-free d...

NPal.2 by Senior
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Resolved! Customizing device tree

Help on customizing the device treeI installed my starter package according to instructions at the developer package following instructions at

MSele.1 by Associate III
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I get ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'mesa' (but /design/layers/meta-st/meta-st-stm32mp/recipes-st/images/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it) Error when I try to build core-image-minimal

DISTRO           : <no-custom-config-set>DISTRO_CODENAME  : dunfellMACHINE          : stm32mp1-discoI followed instructions from: initialized repo with:re...

MKaas.1 by Associate III
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[RPMSG error] No memory for tty_prepare_flip_string

Hi everyone,I'm coding an applicaction which needs to send data from CM4 to CA7 through RPMSG framework. FreeRTOS task involved:void t0Task(void *argument) { int count = 0x0, sim_ch = 9; const int SIZE_DATA = 7; unsigned char msg[SIZE_DATA * si...

OBaselga by Associate III
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STANDBY exit TF-A error STM32MP157

My board with stm32mp157 wakes up from CSTOP with UART wake source, but cannot wakes with RTC or WAKEUP PINs from STANDBY. TF-A outputs strange errors at the end:ERROR:  Illegal access to 0xe0000000 in :ERROR:     Non-SecureERROR:     PrivilegeERROR...

AKudr.1 by Associate II
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How to map peripheral memory on stm32mp157c

I'm developing an IoT device for a customer and I have an external Bluetooth SoC connected to the ST's MCU via UART. The BT SoC shares its UART Tx pin with reset functionality so I need to develop a driver to momentarily turn the UART to GPIO mode to...

TLamm.1 by Associate
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