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Help with getting a stm32 device rc radio to connect to dfu through win64 and .exe


 I'm trying to update a transmitter called a wfly et16s. They have downloads on their site to upgrade their radio to expresslrs which is just a newer protocol. I installed the stm32 driver and it shows its working, I can connect to stm32cubeprogrammer through usb to the radio. I cannot however use there upgrade exe file to get a dfu going. When i go through the steps to get the radio into upgrade mode and click the exe file they provide a box appears. The box has a dropdown list of dfus and its blanked out. I'm not sure someone here knows what i should do other that research everything on the internet and contact everyone(which i have) i'm wondering if i can get this exe decompiled and loaded through stm32cube since it connects. I'ts a small file too. or not sure which one works for anyone. The file i'm interested in is the express version. Is there a way you get the exe into recognizing dfu or should i open the radio up and find pins(never done this before). Just hoping someone could help because i've reached out to reddit,youtube, programming groups, and wfly itself(which will not respond). Thank you for anything.

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Well, you want to solve a problem with the upgrade of a device that was developed by an Asian manufacturer. This manufacturer also provides its own upgrade software in the ZIP. After taking a look at the ZIP, I found e.g. "ET16S upgrade Guide.pdf", which actually describes the upgrade procedure. However, there is no mention of STM32CubeProg.

At the end of the PDF there is the sentence: If the upgrade cannot be completed all the time, please contact after-sales service Perhaps it would be an idea to either use the software contained in the ZIP to upgrade, or alternatively send an email to the manufacturer's service centre?

Good luck!

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DFU would suggest there are some boot mechanics, either a button pressed with reset / power up, or some menu option, such that the USB connection to the unit comes up on the PC as a "STM32 BOOT DEVICE".

This could then be picked up and usable by STM32 Cube Programmer.

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