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Problem with Motor profiler

Associate II
[TOOL]: Motor PROFILER v1.2.4
I have a sensorless project which work perfectly when the motor profiler option is disable. 
however, when the motor profiler option is enable, either the profiling or the normal operation are not working. It is stuck in START state.
It is stuck in START state.
I_Q_Ref is as expected but I_Q_measured is 0
Current measurement Ia and Ib are strictly identical.
R3_1_RLDetectionModeEnable is called (I am guessing by the SCC even when I try to execute normal operation) but R3_1_RLDetectionModeDisable is not called after.
Note: even the open loop voltage mode is not working anymore.
It works once for initial profiling of the motor. However I can't repeat the operation even with a new project.
I don't know what can be change in MC motorbench which can impact the motor profiler SCC. 
Project should work either if the option of motor profiler is enable or disable
Thank you.
cedric H
ST Employee

Hello @backb0ne 

We will try your configuration in our lab and share further our findings.

Please consider that the profiler project aims only to profile your motor. Once your motor is profiled, the recommended way of working is to generate a new project with your profiled motor from the motor library without the profiling option.




Associate II

Hi @cedric H 


Thanks for your response and for taking the time to test it on your side.

To bring a bit more precision, attached is the project. I am using a custom board adapter to change couple signal allocation. 

I am guessing it is not link, but we never know: I have installed the patch attached in the following discussion to make the Hall profiling working.

Don't hesitate if you want me to do any test.




Hello backb0ne,

I have tested your configuration, and I managed to profile a motor with it. Could you describe more precisely the issue you are facing while profiling ? Also know that motor parameters do not need to be put via workbench, as you have to input them in MotorProfiler afterwards.

In your first post you mentioned that the initial profiling worked, what do you want to do after getting your motor's information ?

Also, the hall profiling patch should not have any impact since you are only using sensorless although it's always nice to have it.

If you agree with my answer, please consider accepting it by clicking on 'Accept as solution'.

Hope this will help,
Gaël A.
Associate II

Hi @Gael A 

I wanted to profile another motor, and managed to successfully do the first one, but not the second one.

I may have found the problem. The system doesn't like when both Open Loop and Motor Profiler are selected. It works fine when only one of them is selected. I will do more test to confirm.


I have an additional question regarding the motor profiler. It is supposed to be independant on the motor configured. However, it seems like the errors faults raised during the profiling are linked to the project configuration: I had to increase the max num error before fault for speed feedback error. Same for maximum voltage.


What are the other parameters take into account for the motor profiling ? Is the Start-up profile take into account ?



Hello backb0ne,

The Motor Profiler was designed to be used as a standalone, it is not meant to be working with most features such as the Open Loop mode, this is probably why you have experienced issues, as you were saying indeed. Please refrain from enabling any feature when using the Motor Profiler.

However, it can be useful to modify a few options depending on your configuration. This includes Voltage, Current and of course Pole Pair number. All of which can be modified afterwards in the MotorProfiler tool, there is no need to do it via Workbench.
The PWM frequency can also be modified, for low inductances motors for example.

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Hope this will help,
Gaël A.