ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! X-CUBE-NFC6 compilation problem

Compiling X-CUBE-NFC6 related code fails on Linux host. To compile code on Linux, the following fix is needed:   // rename #include "st25R3916_irq.h" // to #include "st25r3916_irq.h"  This fix will not affect Windows.Optionally: rename a file on Linu...

Lex by Associate III
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[M24SR64-Y] CC File write access field issue

Hello,i'm experiencing issues on M24SR64-Y chip. In fact, i can't write any record neither via RF or I2C. Until this morning (for weeks, actually) i was working fine, capable of writing whatever record i wanted to either via RF and I2C. Suddenly, it ...

pa0grg by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32L476RG board

I am using the STM32L476RG board and STSW-ST25R-LIB with ST25R3911B chip.Our project aims to read data from ST25DV64.How to make changes to it?

Resolved! Crystal input for ST25R3918

I want to use a MEMS oscillator driving the XTI pin instead of just a crystal between XTI and XTO.  What are the specifications on the input signal?  AC coupled? Amplitude? Drive impedance? Suggested circuit for a 0V to 3.3V output oscillator?

TedA by Associate II
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ST25 NFC Tap Issue

Hi! I have an Android Terminal with ST NFC App and I have seen that when I try to erase a memory, the app put me '07' in the third column of the memory. Does anyone has an idea about why the app fails?Thanks! :D