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ST25DV04K iOS use without NDEF


In rubber ducking a specific issue with the ST25DV04K, I'm trying to take a step back and learn what others are doing. In short, I have a use case where the ST25DV04K is working well on Android with NFCv ( However, most operations are failing on iOS using both Core NFC ( and a React Native library that supports ISO 15693. I can't quite figure out why iOS is failing and am not asking for help (in this thread) on debugging the specifics. 

Instead, I'd like to ask the community for some perspective:

  • Is anyone using the ST25DV04K with an iOS app (other than ST Micro's own app)?
  • If yes:
    • What is the use case?
    • What mobile technologies are you using? (e.g., is it a React Native app, Swift, etc)
    • Are you using NDEF?
  • My use case is CRUD operations on multiple (about a dozen) parameters for several hundred bytes of data on an IoT device with the ST25DV04K. Does this seem like a sane use for the ST25DV04K + a custom iOS app without using NDEF?