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Resolved! SD Card Alternatives

I'm trying to find an embedded solution to replace an SD Card.Basic non-volatile memory, I2C or SPI read/writes.I spotted ST NVRAM, but can't seem to find much about it - is this a new or discontinued product?Are there any other options that I should...

BenG142 by Associate II
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Resolved! What is the body marking of M24C32-RMN6TP

Please help to provide the body marking surface of this material. There is no description in the spec, so it is impossible to confirm whether the material used is correct. Thank you! MANUFACTURER: ST MANUFACTURER PN: M24C32-RMN6TP 

YW.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! I would like to kwow if my SM6T18A/CA on the input connector of my product is compliant with the no destruction of my electronic which is located just after when fast Transient 61000-4-4 is applied.

Hi Sir,I currently use a SM6T18A/CA on the 12V+/- 5% power supply input of my product.After this protection are located many electronic components with absolute maximum rating voltage levels (continuous) given from 13,2V to 18V. After applying the tr...

NAnth.2 by Associate
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How do I replace the memory that came with the EVAL-SC003V1 with the STM32CubeProgrammer? It firstly erased the memory on the EVAL-SC003V1 because the default is to not skip flash erase before programming.

I'm not certain that the default memory file for the EVAL-SC003V1 was provided in any of the zip files I downloaded. Is replacing the memory sectors between the STUSB005 GUI the correct way to program the EVAL-SC003V1 board? The sectors from the GUI ...

DMich.3 by Associate
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