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EEPRMA2 M95 writedata bug?

Hi,I'm using the latest EEPRMA2 drivers for the M95M04 EEPROM. I'm trying to store data in EEPROM on a specific address.In the following example, I expect one byte to be written to address 5.uint8_t a = 10;uint32_t targetAddr = 5;EEPRMA2_M95_WriteDat...

CBras by Associate
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Save sensor data to csv files - SensorTile.box

Hello, I am working in Python with a sensorTile.box Pro (https://www.st.com/en/evaluation-tools/steval-mkboxpro.html) connected via cable to a laptop and I am logging files in loops of 5 seconds using the below method built from HSDLink. Is there a w...

FraPal by Associate
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Resolved! M41ST87WMX6TR RTC Vbat Max.

The datasheet states that Vbat max is Vcc. How can this be true if in the case of Vcc absent Vbat will always be greater than Vcc. My assumption is that the author meant that Vbat must not exceed Vcc as specified in the Absolute maximum ratings table...

UB by Associate
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Resolved! M41T93

hi everyone,  Please confirm whether the attached pictures have the same part numbers. Furthermore, could you please explain the meanings of 7C004, 7C006, and 7C008.   BR tehseen Javed

Resolved! diode smd code

Hi everyone,I need help for a smd diode code.E CD C725Is there a datasheet ou other document about? https://drive.google.com/file/d/13dwaZAm-tTzD05-5DyEywvnTxNqFMHIx/view?usp=sharing

Ever76 by Associate
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what is the maximum operating frequency of BDX33 and BDX34 ??

ksoni by Associate
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