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Why I can't get vl53l0x to work with RAK3172?

Hello guys, I am trying to use VL53L0X with old version of VL53L0X API (There is an issue with new version aapi with windows.h). Status always returns -20. Why is that? My Code;/* USER CODE BEGIN Header */ /** **************************************...

Resolved! PerformRefSpadManagement doesn't work

This is the detailed log of the I2C communication between an ESP32 and a VL53L4CX[I][logger:242]: Log initialized [VV][esp32.preferences:070]: nvs_get_blob: key: 233825507, len: 4 [C][ota:469]: There have been 0 suspected unsuccessful boot attempts. ...

IHern.2 by Associate III
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Range Status 4 with VL53L1X

Hi ST Team,I just integrated ULD driver of VL53L1X but it keeps returning range status: 4. What could be the problem?Settings:Timing: 100Inter Measurement: 100Distance Mode: ShortROI: 16x16Signal: Default ( 1026 something )Sigma: 90The I2C communicat...

AShar.10 by Associate II
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vl53L3cx implementing in own STM32 project

Hi,I want to implement the vl53L3cx onto my own board , using CUBEIDE , HAL driver and an STM32G473CCT6 controller.I have read dozens of documents, but it's quite overwhelming and not clear which API to use.I have now implemented this API in my proje...

sde c.1 by Senior II
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