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VL6180 GPIO0 / CE and IIC Address Change

Hello all, We have multiple VL6180 sensors on a common IIC bus.Upon system start up, we are enabling one sensor via its GPIO0 / CE pin, initialising it, changing its IIC address, disabling it, and repeating these steps for all sensors on the IIC bus....

Resolved! VL53L5CX Reponse

I'm having a bit of trouble talking to the VL53L5Cx... I'm appearing to download firmware ok, by all accolunts vl53l5cx_init() is returning with VL53L5CX_STATUS_OK and vl53l5cx_start_ranging() likewise. However, the response on the I2C bus to vl53l5c...

Proper connection to power vl6180x sensor are you ...I made aproject using vl6180x with esp8266 nodemcu v3 ....sometimes the power reached it and worked and other times the power didnot reach it and in that time i have to unplug and replug the esp to the pc port or reset the esp unt...

IMG_COM_202402272332197360.jpg vl6180x.png IMG_COM_202402272147383790.jpg IMG_COM_202402272147404211.jpg

DataNotReady from VL6180

Hi, i am trying to use VL6180 to get an obstacle range.I'm using VL6180 APi to communicate with the device. Communication is ok, and consistent. Each register is written correctly.As show in ST examples I init the device and start a single shot readi...

LDe P.1 by Associate
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VL53L8CX changing the data rate

Hi everyone, I am currently using the VL53L8CX for people counting. However, I have encountered an issue where occasionally, changing the data acquisition rate during the data collection process causes a disruption and prevents further data acquisiti...

WeiJia by Associate II
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SATEL-VL53L8 + ESP32 => VL53L8CX ULD Loading failed

Hello everybody,I have connected a SATEL-VL53L8 board to my ESP32, and I am trying to run the basic ranging example, using ULD driver. When I run the example, I get VL53L8CX ULD Loading failed in the serial terminal. Trying to figure out what's wrong...

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milukic by Associate II
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