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STHS34PF80 proximity application

Hi everyone,I'm developing a tamper detection circuit for a meter enclosure. I'm considering the STHS34PF80 infrared proximity sensor, but I'm struggling to find reference materials or application notes specifically related to tamper detection using ...

dhruvit by Associate
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Resolved! lens for receiver side of vl53l4cd

I need to measure a distance within a 1 degree field of view (FOV) in front of the sensor at a distance well within the range of the sensor. I know I can't use focusing optics on the emitter side without changing the laser class - so I won't. Using a...

Resolved! Replacement for VL6180X - what type is recomended -

Hi,i saw that the VL6180X is set to NRND.I need the functions of gesture detection and ambiation light measurement.I want to use it in a new product which should be produced more than 10 years but in this case i dont think that this is the right one....

Joetech by Associate
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Background Noise using SPAD array

Heya,  Is it possible to see the background light (intensity/histogram) without actually transmitting, using a VL53L8 or VL53L9?We don't want to measure the distance to objects. We just want to be able to use the SPAD array to get histogram for each ...

shjayago by Associate
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VL53L8A at 4m

Hello.Today I will test the VL53L8A evaluation version in the outdoor (cloudy) test data, the code is automatically generated by the STM32Cube. I irradiated VL53L8A to the wall, at about 1.75m, with almost no data. At 4m, the serial port directly sho...

xukong by Associate II
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VL53L4CD not working with black glove

I am trying to use the VL53L4CD sensor in our application, however I am seeing that while using a black latex glove almost on top of the surface (distance of less than 5mm) that it reports distances > 300mm.  It seems to read okay with a range of 10m...

jmueller by Associate II
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SATEL-VL53L8 + ESP32 => VL53L8CX ULD Loading failed

Hello everybody,I have connected a SATEL-VL53L8 board to my ESP32, and I am trying to run the basic ranging example, using ULD driver. When I run the example, I get VL53L8CX ULD Loading failed in the serial terminal. Trying to figure out what's wrong...

milukic_0-1708538107965.png milukic_1-1708538789889.png milukic_2-1708540300044.png
milukic by Associate II
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Resolved! TOF Sensor Feasibility

Hello,We are researching the feasibility of a new product and have some questions regarding STMicro's TOF sensors. At this time we are narrowing on the VL53L4CX, but I am sure these questions apply to most of these sensors. The product is detecting d...

jesse-TP by Associate
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Using VL53L1X outdoors: which wavelengths interfere?

Good Morning,I am interested in using the VL53L1X sensor for my application. Before proceeding with the implementation, I would like to gather some information regarding the optical interferences that may affect the sensor's performance.Firstly, I am...

mikimat by Associate
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VL53L4CX - Connecting Multiple Sensors

Hi there, I am involved in a project comprising 16x VL53L4CX Sensors, we are trying to measure and track the x and y coordinates of an object in front of the sensor array. Currently, I can read from all sensors in 33ms on average. Even though I'm usi...