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VL53L4CD - Signal is below the defined threshold

Hey,I have a custom made board/device which is using 4x VL53L4CD Tof Sensors to measure the distance. I have trouble to calibrate the sensors correctly or get correct values from them from time to time. Sometimes it works well - sometimes it does not...

DrD00m by Associate III
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Resolved! How to increase the range of VL6180x

Hi, i would like to increase the range of the VL6180X but i don't know which register i have to modify. I see the code in the RangingAndALS_NucleoXXX sample but i don't understand how the VL6180X register have been modified in order to increase the m...

Nicky by Associate
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want to interface vl53l5cx sensor with nordic board

i want to interface vl53l5cx sensor with nordic Nrf52840 board but in stm project there are too many register read and write so just i want few register for get the distance from tof sensor so which minimum registers i have to configure ? and initial...