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is there any vl53l4cx linux software for users?

There are also user folders in the linux drivers of sensors such as vl53l5cx, vl53l1x, but I could not see this folder in the vl53l4cx linux driver and I could not find it anywhere else. Is there software available for users or do we have to create i...

OEdem.1 by Associate
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How to reduce vl53l5cx_init() timing footprint?

uint8_t vl53l5cx_init( VL53L5CX_Configuration *p_dev) { uint8_t tmp, status = VL53L5CX_STATUS_OK; uint8_t pipe_ctrl[] = {VL53L5CX_NB_TARGET_PER_ZONE, 0x00, 0x01, 0x00}; uint32_t single_range = 0x01;   ...    status |= WrByte(&(p_dev->platform...

MFabb.1 by Associate II
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