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Cannot login to myST anymore until I reset the password

FYII did not login to myST for a while and now I cannot login to myST anymore. I try a lot of time but always stuck at login page even I press login button. Until I try to press reset password button and change my password to the new. So now I come b...

Can't paste image from website

For example: I wanted to post the picture of the NUCLEO-F446RE from the ST Product Page. So I right-clicked the image on that page, and chose 'C...

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Resolved! ST Website getting worse

Hello, probably some work on the ST website has been done recently . I use Firefox on OpenSuse Leap 15.4 and have Noscripts acitive. Of course is allowed, but now the Entrace page pulls in several second and third level external scripts. That ...

Please make the "Labels" window usable

We have dozens of tags ("labels") e.g. in the STM32 products subforum. This might be an useful tool to select relevant group of posts. However, the window, where the "labels" are selected is too small, displaying only perhaps half a dozen of tags at ...


Please remove Related Content

1. It's useless.As it's not curated, the vast majority of links is entirely irrelevant to given post. Machines are too ***, even if you call it AI.2. It's harmful.It provides false keywords for external search machines such as google, making it harde...

Usability of feedback form

Hello everyone and speciallyone whocame up with this idea to insert text with Ctrl+V with this fffffffng boxIt wold be great if you doing plane text insert without this _tupidboxwhen pressed Ctrl+vHave a nice time, ST teamand this message I had:"Your...

OlegAjax by Associate II
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Resolved! Analogue technical responses virtually nil.

Hi all,I´posted a shutdown issue with the L4981A controller and unknowingly the profile page had broken content and didn´t provide all the details. As such I got a reply with a case number from an St employee requesting my company info (which was alr...

rodent by Associate
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