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Insert emoji does not work.

Insert emoji: does not work. I don't miss it - contrary, I call for removing the unnecessary stuff like this. We don't need Comic Sans either, if you know what I mean. JW


Please make Bookmarks usable

Bookmarks might be a useful feature... when done right. Please migrate bookmarks from salesforce and merge them with the current bookmarks.Please put a link to bookmarks to "my menu" so that they can be accessed directly.Please present them in the sa...

my message reply is not showed in the post

Hello.I happened to reply to a post but the reply does not appear in the post. In another situation I created a new post, I sent it but it doesn't appear in the list of sent posts. Is there any situation where an user is blocked from sending replies ...

nataut by Associate III
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Resolved! I'm missing the "10 years of STM32" thread

I'm missing the "10 years of STM32" thread, , mainly for its infographics showing the progression of individual STM32 families (