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Can't paste image from website

For example: I wanted to post the picture of the NUCLEO-F446RE from the ST Product Page. So I right-clicked the image on that page, and chose 'C...

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Usability of feedback form

Hello everyone and speciallyone whocame up with this idea to insert text with Ctrl+V with this fffffffng boxIt wold be great if you doing plane text insert without this _tupidboxwhen pressed Ctrl+vHave a nice time, ST teamand this message I had:"Your...

OlegAjax by Associate II
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Resolved! How do I get a more dense view of threads / posts

How can I get a more Classic Forum view, say just the Subject/Title, like an email client, where I can see 50 posts, perhaps 25 to the physical height of the screen? Posting to main "Board" as there isn't a selection for "About Forum" or more appropr...

Forum migration lost code formatting

I've noticed that for example in the inserted code is flowed instead of formatted as code. ST, can this please be fixed? @Legacy membe...