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Cannot login to myST anymore until I reset the password



I did not login to myST for a while and now I cannot login to myST anymore. I try a lot of time but always stuck at login page even I press login button. Until I try to press reset password button and change my password to the new. So now I come back to able to access myST account !!!

No idea why this happen to me. It took me in suffering for a few day since any support require to login first LOL.

Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

This kind of thing has been noted before.

I suspect a couple of possibilities:

  1. They just expire the password
  2. They change the password rules, and your existing password is no longer considered "good enough"


Tried to log in today, was refused, red message saying that e-mail or password does not match record. Using browser-stored password and logging in daily (in fact, several times daily, due to the idiotic timeout, how long will it take to realize that this deters users?)

Had to reset password (to the same one, don't intend to change it in every browser I use).



Hello @waclawek.jan , 

Thanks for reporting the issue. I am checking internally what could be the reason for this.

I am sorry for this inconvenience but glad the reset helped! 

Will keep you posted. 

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My experience it just ages out accounts and passwords, doesn't warn or tell you that's what's going on.

Not sure if this is at your end, or your third-party authenticator.

Would be better if in the last five days it gives you a count down to password expiry, with an option/path to actually doing that.

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