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[AI:network] Error flashing firmware after building successfully

I was using NUCLEO-L476RG.When I tried to validate on target, I can build successfully but the message below showed up.How can I do?​​===========================update=========================I found that the rom size seemed to be too large. Maybe it...

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aiSystemPerformance.c :line 937 and 940for (int i = 0; i < net_exec_ctx[idx].report.n_inputs; i++) {for (ai_size i = 0; i < AI_BUFFER_SIZE(&ai_input[i]); ++i) {In my opinion, different running variable i should be used for the above for loops.One loo...

DLim.19 by Associate
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Validation on Target not possible - network.c, etc. missing

Hello,I have a problem running "Validation on Target" because many of the source files cannot be found (see log below). I use the MDK-ARM toolchain. When I generate the code and open the project in Keil uVison most of the project files cannot be foun...

hofo by Associate II
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Question related to motion sensor LSM6DSOX

Hi, We need to use motion sensor LSM6DSOX for position tracking. We can not use GPS in the system, and the position accuracy we need to achieve is 1 m after moving 11 meters. So I have a question related to LSM6DSOX :In the datasheet, the output is l...

Jasmine by Associate II
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System Workbench and Cube-AI build error

Hello.I run into a following error while building my project using ai:  make: *** No rule to make target '/home/user/git/stm32/Drivers/CMSIS/DSP/Source/SupportFunctions/arm_copy_q15.c', needed by 'Drivers/CMSIS/DSP/Source/SupportFunctions/arm_copy_q1...

Resolved! Spectrogram recognition with X-Cube AI on STM32F746

Hello, ​I am doing a project where I will be implementing a trained neural network (trained with Keras) onto a STM32F746-DISCOVERY board with X-Cube AI. The goal is to train the network to recognize audio samples converted into spectrograms. This wou...

ALiss by Associate II
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Model compression understanding

Hi ST,I've read the part about weight/bias compression in the X-Cube-AI documentation (6.1).If not confidential can you tell a bit more about the Weight-sharing-based algorithm (k-means clustering)?What is the meaning of the factor (x4 or x8)?Is the ...

bardetad by Associate II
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Resolved! NN quantization: wrong IO buffer format in code generation

Hi,I'm trying the quantization of Keras (.h5) pretrained neural networks with some different quantization schemes.Using the 'stm32ai.exe' command I run the following command:$ stm32ai.exe quantize -q <pathtoconfig.json>Then I drag and drop the quanti...

bardetad by Associate II
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