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Will a STM32F429I-DISCO work with the FP-AI-VISION1 of X-CUBE-AI

Hello, the question may be stupid but everywhere I go I see people using the STM32H747 for the different examples in the FP-AI-VISION1 that can be found here. But I only have a STM32F429I-DISCO that is compatible for the X-CUBE-AI pack.The part that ...

NBlan.1 by Associate III
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After Configuring My Artificial Intelligence Network Using stm32cubeide for Nucleo-144 STM32H745 and then running build, "error: invalid initializer" is Received

Hello,I have created an Artificial intelligence project to be implemented on Nucleo-144 (stm32h745) board. The stm32cubeide created a set of related source and header files all grouped in the X-CUBE-AI folder.I defined variables in my main.c followin...

M.Saleh by Associate II
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STM32H735g-dk, "validate on target" step's error.

Hi, it seems to be a common error in STM32 devices. It happens when I try to validate on target after analyze the model. I tried to fix it according to the answers in community. But those solutions given in community or other websites doesn't help. A...


Analyze is failing and got error as NOT IMPLEMENTED: Transpose of batch not supported Got the above error while analyzing the tfltie model in STMCubeMX

I have an AI model that detects the human activity and saved the model in .h5 format and converted it into .tflite image. When I upload the image into STMCubeMX and analyze the model, analyze is failing and showing as NOT IMPLEMENTED: Transpose of ba...

Umahe.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H747-Discovery Board

Hi, am using STM32H747- Discovery board. FP-AI-VISION1 function pack which is already running in that board. Now I want use that board in PicoVoice. Am not able to connect the device in Picovoice. Am not able to upload the firmware. I tried installed...

Neural Network with Dynamic Input Size

We have created an LSTM model using Keras, and decreased its size to use it on our STM32F746G-Disco board. Our model can actually process dynamic size records. This means that, we do not need fix the size of the record. We could realize it on Google ...