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TOOL ERROR: cannot reshape array

I have a TFLite that I can successfully analyze (targeting NUCLEO-L4R5ZI-P board) with X-CUBE-AI. I then quantize the TFLite model using the "full integer quantization" method from the docs. However, when I analyze this quantized model, I'm met with ...

j0shm by Associate
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Resolved! Error in XCube.AI package usage

Hii! I'm trying to implement a tensorflow ML model in NUCLEOF401RE Board using XCube.AI and stm32CubeMX. when i download the XCube.AI package and try to add the zipper file in CubeMX im facing an error that "file cannot be deflated". how to solve thi...

LG.5 by Associate II
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STM32Cube.AI workshop - 6 Neural Network (NN) Model creation

In the STM32Cube.AI workshop - 6 Neural Network (NN) Model creation - YouTube, tutacousticscenes2016 does not work. librosa returns an error message: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_soundfile_data'.  Please suggest a workaround.

Pradipta by Associate
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Resolved! Face Recognition MCU Selection

Hello,I have been conducting research for a while for a new project initiation. The project aims to design a smart access control system for 500 users using STM32. In designing this, we are implementing face recognition with FP_AI_FACEREC in the STM3...

Resolved! Decision Tree evaluation Parameters in LSM6DSV16x

Hello, I have a question regarding the evaluation parameters for decision tree results. As you can see in the picture below, the Mean Absolute Error and Root Mean Squared Error are high, but the accuracy is also high. I am confused because I thought ...

FKara.3 by Senior
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Resolved! Problems about stm32ai-modelzoo and x-cube-ai with CubeMX

I am curious about these parameters,I don`t konw where they are used.These are auto generated by following the official guide, but if I want to build a project with x-cube-ai and CubeMX my own and still use the model from model zoo, how shoul i deal ...

123456dad_0-1700136656954.png 123456dad_1-1700136788170.png 123456dad_2-1700137290334.png
123456dad by Associate II
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NanoEdgeAI Studio - Proper Signal Formatting?

Hi STM Community-Context: X-Nucleo-53L8A1 / Nucleo-L476RG16 zones per line of distance measurements are being captured by NanoEdgeAI in an attempt to generate an anomaly detection AI model. 16 axes correlate to 16 measurement zones. Measurements are ...

INTERNAL ERROR: Value of zero not correct

Hello, everyone! I'm learning to deploy my target detection model using cubeai. My model is trained using pytorch and I found that cubeai doesn't support .pth file conversion so I'm trying to convert my model to onnx format. Since the size of my mode...