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Close the device, fuse under op-tee?

I'm having trouble closing a device as per the recommended method.STM32MP> fuse read 0 0                                                         Reading bank 0:                                                                Word 0x00000000: 00000017 ...

/dev/ttyRPMSG0: no such file or directory

Hello!I am trying to replicate the workshop STM32MP1 - 11 Inter-Processor Communication Lab Example. I create a new STM32 project and copy all the data from the lab example. Then I connect the device (STM32MP157C-DK2) in production mode to send messa...

TArre.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Missing /dev/ttyRPMSG0

Hi,After installing and running the latest, OpenStLinux discovered a problem with M4. Firmware is loading fine, but the system doesn't create /dev/ttyRPMSGx channel. What is changed in comparison to the dunfell?[ 2399.320707] remoteproc remoteproc0: ...

MWoło.2 by Senior II
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Resolved! How to do python development targeting the STM32 MPU

Hello,I have a STM32MP157F-DK2 and I'm planning to develop some python applications to run on the A7 processor. I have some questions related to python development for this platform, as I have not found too much documentations regarding this:Software...

WGall.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP1 OTP word 10 and 11

Hi, I'm trying to leverage the capability of lower words to be programmed once to one bit by bit to implement a sort of "forever growing counter", not sure if there is a proper naming for this.In the lower OTP zone, if I understood correctly, word 10...

Resolved! STM32MP1 DSI voltage level

I would like to clear up some confusion regarding the DSI VIO, the stm32mp157a datasheet mentions "1.2 V I/O for DSI interface" but in the EV1 kit the LCD used (the RK055AHD042-CT, for which it's impossible to find a datasheet for, could that be shar...

Cannot load STPMIC1 regulate driver

I have a customized STM32MP157AAD board with STPMIC1E PMIC.STPMIC1E is pre-programmed to have same NVM as 1A version.After power up, the board can download firmware by CubeMX and run uboot from SD card, even partially boot the linux kernel.However, t...

uouox by Associate II
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