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Resolved! Stm32mp157 Programming NOR flash

Trying to load TF-A and uboot into NOR flash, but I always get this error.SF: Detected w25q256 with page size 256 Bytes, erase size 64 KiB, total 32 MiBmtdids=nor0=nor0 & mtdparts=mtdparts=nor0:256k(fsbl1),256k(fsbl2),2m(ssbl),512k(u-boot-env),-(nor_...

uouox by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP15x: NRST doesn't work after login prompt occurs

Hi,​We are working on STM32MP151, with custom linux, no PMIC.​We have a reset button connect to NRST line, it works fine in Uboot or during linux boots. But right after the login prompt occurs, the reset button is nolonger work. When we hit the butto...

Dat Tran by Senior II
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Resolved! How to debug OP-TEE (What is OPTEE console?)

Hi, I want to debug OP-TEE on STM32 MPU board.Using 'st_stm32mp157f_dk2_demo_defconfig' configuration of STM32MP1 Buildroot external tree(buildroot-external-st), We indirectly confirmed that OP-TEE is built and ran normally on the board with Buildroo...

NKim.3 by Associate
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STM32MP157 Booting issue in uboot 2021 version

Hello,we are using STM32MP157AAA for our custom board.we are trying to boot from uboot 2021-10 version facing an issue like MMC card not found. But in the same board from uboot 2018 version it is working fine.Please help us in this regards.please fi...


Resolved! Configuring and reading "GPIO Analog"

Using the STM32MP157 development kit, I have configured two "GPIO Analog" lines that are exposed through CN13 (pins 1 and 2).I am trying to set these up as such. From going down the rabbit trail of documentation: