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Resolved! PANIC during wake up MPU

Hello.I have a DK2 board and I want to wake up MPU (CA7) after shutdown command. If no MCU (CM4) firmware is running then no problems, but otherwise if I run MCU firmware (GPIO example) before shutting down MPU I get the following error after pushing...

alexey.b by Associate II
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Resolved! Initramfs: chip reboots after 30s seconds

Hi,I'm playing around initramfs shell using initramfs-framework in Yocto environment.I found that the chip abruptly reboots after some time (I think it's around 30 seconds) if the initramfs doesn't fully boot the system by entering systemd.I think it...

Resolved! Why does the USB mouse not work on STM32MP157 USB1?

We have a design with a USB HOST, the schematic is shown below, And the system is Linux 4.19. We have add some configuration about USB HID as below: 2 CONFIG_HID=y 3 CONFIG_HID_GENERIC=y 4 CONFIG_USB_HID=y 5 CONFIG_USB_HIDDEV=y 6 CONFIG_USB_KBD=y 7 ...


Resolved! failed boot via tftp

I tried booting via TFTP boot and got the following reply​BOOTP broadcast 1BOOTP broadcast 2BOOTP broadcast 3DHCP client bound to address (766 ms)missing environment variable: pxeuuidmissing environment variable: bootfileRetrieving file: ...

Jzhua by Associate III
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Secure SPI on STM32MP157-DK1

Hey everyone,I am working on STM32MP157-DK1 with trustzone cortex-A.I want to use SPI in secure side, but it's possible only with SPI6 that is not mapped to the outside.It's possible to activate SPI (1 ... 5) peripherals in secure side ? if not, why ...

simoBen47 by Associate III
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Resolved! SMT32MP1 MCU as Power Management Unit

Hello.I want to use MCU (Cortex M4 core) as PMU for MPU (Cortex A7 core).Is it possible to use it in this way?For this I need the following:It's better to start MCU firmware from another source (not SRAM) - from non-volatile memory. Is it possible?Sw...

alexey.b by Associate II
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