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STM32MP1 support ...

I guess most have noticed the recent anouncement of the STM32MP1, a dual core unit with a Cortex A7 and a M4.Hard data seem a bit scarce yet, though.What toolchain will support this combo, and when ?Does the mentioned STLink V3 support concurrent deb...

AvaTar by Lead
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Resolved! STM32MP157C-DK2 not booting to Weston / GTK demo launcher

Hello, I'm trying to evaluate the STM32MP1 using a STM32MP157C-DK2. I followed this getting started guide and successfully flashed the board, even though the archive downloaded has a slightly different name than mentioned in the guide. I set the boot...

matt.s by Associate II
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Resolved! Witch STM32 chip for my project ?

Hi everybody!I working on a simple project but with some sensors and co.I'm newbie with the STM32 and I want to try to port the project from the ATmega2560 to the STM32.But witch chip? I need :> SPI for an TFT screen 2.2" (ILI9340C or ILI9341)> SPI f...

DMost by Associate
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Resolved! STM32MP FMC SRAM & ARM M4

For an application we are investigating this processor and have two questions,We want to connect an external chip to the FMC bus. It is somespecialized ASIC handling some real-time communication.I don't see the option in the STM32Cube to active the F...

Resolved! Could not set DRM mode for screen DSI1/Could not queue DRM page flip on screen DSI1 (Permission denied) for st-example-image-qt

Hi,I have succesfully built a image st-example-image-qt from the DISTRO openstlinux-eglfs.I have deployed the image on sd card, and played it on STM32MP157C-DK2.System is booting without a problem, and the splashscreen was shown.Then, I tried one of ...

Resolved! DFU not detected

HiI got an STM32MP157C-DK2 during the Embedded World.But Windows7 isn't detecting the DFU ... It detects only the STLink (UART) ....Same issue in a Ubuntu-16 (which is running in VirtualBox on the same Windows 7)Any suggestion?Regards Francesco