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Web UI on STM32

Associate II


I want to make a product with WEB UI . My goal is product that will connect to my internal network and I want to be able open a browser on my computer and write the IP of the product, I will connect to its web page and I can control it.

I would appreciate recommendations on MCU/MPU that support this or development boards with enough memory to be able to contain the web page

Thank you

I am attaching pictures of examples of websites in equipment such as routers and laboratory equipment.


Chief II

First, why are you creating a duplicate topics for the same issue?

Second, people already explained you the specifics regarding the larger storage memory.

Third, with modern HTML, CSS and JavaScript one can make a decent looking, dynamic and interactive web pages in kilobytes of size. So what for you need many megabytes of size?

Several of the DISCO boards have external RAM, MicroSD/eMMC, Quad/Octo SPI Flash, and Ethernet.

Surely any of these could host a simple web server, serving pages, graphics and scripts..

Tips, buy me a coffee, or three.. PayPal Venmo Up vote any posts that you find helpful, it shows what's working..


Thank you about the answer.

I am sorry about the duplicate topics, you right.

I try to take a simple web page that I create with HTML,JavaScript and CSS and this web size is 400Kb. I run the MAKE_FS script and I get a file with size of 2MB

Chief II

400 KB of HTML+CSS+JavaScript is definitely not a simple webpage, but either something huge or ridiculously bloated. And a C file with a data represented as an array in C code, obviously takes several times more space than a binary representation.