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stm32f79-disc0 for interface ecg module -patient monitor

Associate III

I received a recommendation for the U5 series for its low power consumption for medical patient monitors. As a beginner, my experience is limited to the F446RE and H743 Nucleo boards. I chose the STM32F769-DISC0 for its ease of use and integrated display, primarily for testing purposes. My initial goal is to display ECG waveforms(ads1298 module) and eventually integrate a thermal printer(fijistu 8inch). I'm seeking guidance on whether this board can support these functions, including connecting to an external 1280x720 display and handling touchgfx or 1080p is limited means can it be easily handle 10' 1080p display of mipi dsi and able to print ecg waveform . Also, is it feasible to use external memory with this board without limitations?

I appreciate any advice you can provide as I'm eager to learn and progress in this project.

Best regards, Vishwah (R&D Dept.