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STM32 low power standby with 5 wakeup sources?

Associate III

I would like to build a 5-button remote (RF 868 Mhz) and was thinking of using the STM32G031F6

(The RF is provided using an external chip, similar to Si4455)

However the STM32G031F6 has only 4 x SYS_WAKEUP pins.
Is there anyway to wake up from standby using one of the other pins too, or do I need to consiuder a different STM32 product?

Basically I need to wakeup from standby, from any of the 5 buttons, send some SPI to the RF CHip, flash an LED and go back to standby.
Power will be from an CR2430 battery cell.


ST Employee

Hello @KMill

According to RM0444, there are up to 5 pins wakeup from Standby/Shutdown mode capability:




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Chief II

Additionally, if there is no need to distinguish the wake-up sources, one can implement an OR logic in hardware. Even a simple diodes can do it. If voltage levels ar not low/high enough to be reliable, just add a single transistor at the output of the OR logic.

Unless I am missing something "Up to" is the key there 😉

Unfortunately as far as I can see the G031F6 has only 4. :(


Yes I need to distinguish which button woke up the system.

I'll look for another device.