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Hello everybody, i am new in ST. 

I am designing my own ESC.
It is a control of a high power motor (950V, 400A Peak) to a BLDC / PMSM motor. I am designing my own power part and I need advice about the logic part, which NUCLEO is the best???
Parameters: Vmax: 1200V, Amax: 400A, Speed: Max 20,000rpm.....
There are quite a lot of them on MC WORKENCH, I guess the frequency is the better ???? Or is it something else? These are there to choose from, just tell me which is the best:
- NUCLEO-C031C6 48 MHz
- NUCLEO-F030R8 48 MHz
- NUCLEO-F072RB 48 MHz
- NUCLEO-F302R8 72 MHz
- NUCLEO-F303RE 72 MHz
- NUCLEO-F401RE 84 MHz
- NUCLEO-F446RE 180 MHz
- NUCLEO-F746ZG 216 MHz
- NUCLEO-G071RB 64 MHz
- NUCLEO-G431RB 170 MHz
- NUCLEO-G474RE 170 MHz
- NUCLEO-H503RB 250 MHz
- NUCLEO-H563ZI 250 MHz
- NUCLEO-H745ZI 480 MHz
I assume that the best is the H745ZI (480MHz).
Thanks: D


And i cant find the NUCLEO-H745ZI  is it possible to use a H755ZI instead ??? 

Hello Vlad_ESC,

It will most likely depend on your application. If your MCU application is only motor control oriented, a G4 should be enough. Though if cost is not an issue, you will always be able to increase more the PWM Frequency with an H7, which can come in handy for a low inductance motor for example.

However, be aware that the H755ZI is not supported by our MCSDK, and you won't be able to create a project with it.

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Hope this will help,
Gaël A.