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Use CubeProgrammer as UART Mode

in mozbek we trust
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Hey there,

i want to reach my flash memory through UART. I can do this with ST-Link device but now i want to do it with UART. I use STM32F091CC MCU and as datasheet says i configured the UART pins(PA9-PA10) as Asynchronus UART in CubeMX.

My baud rate is 9600 bits/s- word legth 8bits - parity - even and stop bit is 1.

In boot mode configuration. I try to use all configurations but i cannot reach the flash memory.

I coded all options(set and clear bitss) in main.c program and when i click connect button in cube programmer it gives me an error like that:

Please help me how to solve this problem.



How did you get nBoot0 and nBoot1 to show in the Option Bytes tab?

I only seem to have these settings: 


Thank you!