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Hi, I'm trying to transmit information between two NucleoWL55JC1 boards using LoRa modulation, i.e only the SUBGHZ_PHY layer. I want to set up the peripherals and middleware with CubeMX and use the HAL SUBGHZ functions in the code section.

Associate II

Unluckily, I haven't found indications as to which of this functions to use for a basic transmit/receive application. In the HAL documentation and inside the stm32wlxx_hal_subghz.c file the functions are described independently but there is no context for their use. For example, in the case of the function HAL_SUBGHZ_ExecSetCmd it says that it's used to send a command to the radio and although the commands are listed in the stm32wlxx_hal_subghz.h file, I couldn't find what each of them do.

In my application I don't need to use RTC and DMA but the code that CubeMX generates doesn't compile if I don't use them because they are required by the timer_if.c and usart_if.c files.

On the other hand, I have also tried to modify the code of the SubGHz_Phy_PingPong_DualCore project which is my second opinion because I want to use hal functions. I don't completely understand the code, for example, why are there subghz functions in both core's main.c files if according to CubeMX the subghz peripheral is exclusively associated with cortex M0+. And even though the function MX_SubGHz_Phy_Init appears in both main files, only the one in cortex M4 contains the function SubghzApp_Init() which calls the PingPong_Process function.

I´ll really appreciate any explanation and suggestion provided.

Thanks in advance