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STM32H743 - Problem with DAC DMA and SPI Receive DMA when adding the FreeRTos.

Associate II


I am working with a project were i am using two DAC channels and a SPI port set to receive mode and I want to use these in DMA mode.

I am using the CubeMX to set this up and if I only setup the DAC and SPI in DMA mode, then it works as it should, were I can receive data on the SPI DMA and use the DAC outputs.

If i then add a FreeRtos to the project, then both the DAC and SPI DMA stops working. I am not sure what exactly is the problem, but my guess is that it has something to do with a Timer.

Is there maybe someone who know this issue and maybe can guide me on solving this.

Thanks in advance

Chief II

Without code nobody can help you .

Senior III


I am having the same issue on an STM32H7A3. Could you solve your problem and if so: how?

In my project I have 2 CPUs on a board which communicate via SPI between each other. This should be done via DMA. One is with FreeRTOS, one is only with a statemashine. This one can transmit via DMA and the FreeRTOS CPU can read the data in polling mode. However the other direction does not work. I can not transmit from the FreeRTOS CPU via DMA. Also receiving data in DMA is not working.

Could you fix your problem and do you remember how?