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need suitable chip for hardware design- patient monitor (12-lead ecg, 720phd -10'.1)

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Hello dear Community,

As an emerging engineer(newbie steps 1st yr into mbed) with a MEDICAL company startup transitioning into product development, my first project🙄 involves designing a 12-lead ECG patient monitor. The initial attempt, led by a former employee with an Android background, utilized an Android board and android display but failed due to the lack of a real-time OS and Android API limitations. This experience has led us to consider an embedded approach, diverging from custom dedicated boards commonly used in the industry.

How to approach custom board?

  • Our device features a 10.1-inch TFT display (1280x720), supports ECG printing, NIBP, SpO2, temperature monitoring, real-time 12-lead ECG processing, connects to ECG module via UART, and interfaces with an 8-inch thermal printer.

In aiming to use the microcontroller efficiently and to avoid the previous attempt on  overcapacity issues experienced with a 1.6 GHz Cortex-A55 quad-core processor which cost is high, we seek your expertise and advice on several matters:

  1. Given my familiarity with the STM32F4 and F7 series, should we opt for an MCU or MPU like the STM32MP15, or a similar alternative like NXP's i.MX RT1170, as initially recommended by the previous employee?(used f7-disc0 for testing and got 3-lead ECG and able to print successfully👍)
  2. Is the STM32F769 itself a suitable choice for managing these requirements efficiently? Are there any specific challenges ? like memory capacity..(it has 16 mb sdram.)
  3. Considering our limited experience, should we go for higher-end model compulsory or a different approach for better performance and easier integration?
  4.  should i  consider  by deciding factor of use embedded linux os or freertos..if i choose mcu , can i able to drive mbed linux on it? 

I would greatly appreciate any insights, experiences, or suggestions you could provide to guide us in this project, particularly given our novice status in this complex field.

Thank you in advance for your valuable support and guidance.

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F7 series could be good. Main factor of your application would be UI design and responsiveness of it. 

Adding a higher end display means adding external ram and rom for that display as well, which becomes quite complicated if someone had not done it previously. I would suggest go for HMI. Like nextion. Now nextion is quite expensive so better counter part for it is dwin lcds and also TJC lcd. This way your GUI issues will be offset. 


I think everything else which you are trying to do can be easily achievable with F7. 

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hi, thankyou for replying..i want to use 10.1 ' mipi dsi display , by using B-LCDAD-RPI1 adapter can i able to interface display where stm32f7 compatible for 2-lane mode, please suggest me that suitable display for stm32f769-disc0..

thanks in advance!