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I would like to disable the motor control protocol on the serial port so that I can implement a custom console over that UART. Is there an easy or documented way to do this?

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What I need to do is implement a command line interface over that serial port for factory configuration and settings controls. When I add printf() calls to the while loop in main I don't see my messages on the virtual COM port of my Discovery board. In my final board there won't be an embedded ST-Link so I will be using the physical serial port.


If the printf() isn't working you'll need to go over the plumbing, and how the _write() function uses __io_putchar(), and with which UART.

Perhaps get some static analysis tools and walk the code, understand the current topology and how that functions, and then integrate the functionality you want.

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Associate II

Don't I need to remove the code that is implementing the motor control protocol first? The UART works because I can use the MC Pilot program to connect to the board but I want that to not work so I can take over the UART for my purposes. I can do that but I was hoping that I wasn't the first to need to do this and there was a path I can follow that would be faster.