ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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ST25R95 Antenna Matching Circuit Review

Hi, I'm testing a ST25R95 with a Molex 146236-2131 Antenna. The Antenna Specs (per Molex) are  La4.1uHRa7.8 OhmsCa7.9pFFra31.0MHzRp10.4K OhmsQ44.2 Using the ST25R95_EMI_FILTER_CALCULATION spreadsheet I substituted La and Ra to produce the following A...

MOver by Associate
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Resolved! Circular NFC Antenna Reference Design

I'm looking for some reference designs for circular NFC antennas that I can import into my KiCAD (or EAGLE) PCB project.This link appears to provide them, but it just provides a PDF document listing a range of different circular and rectangular desig...

Resolved! ST25R3916B migration to NORDIC

Good morning, everyone!I'm new here at the ST forum, so please forgive me if I make any mistakes.Currently, I'm working on migrating the ST25R3916B library for the X-NUCLEO 08A1 DK from ST to Nordic (specifically, nRF52840).I've already replaced all ...

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Resolved! ST25R3916B Read NFC-A Tags Custom Firmware

Hi,So for my custom application I am currently testing with the NFC08A1 board and need to write my own firmware to manage the ST25R3916B IC's on the board. I have been able to implement AP2P between two boards but have not been able to get the board ...


Resolved! ST25R3914 Read/Write to Tag

All, I would like to first begin with saying thank you for your time in attempting to assist me.Library used: NFC st25r3911b LibraryI am attempting to read and write from/to a tag; more specifically a Type-2 and Type-4. I have been looking through ex...

APant.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! ST25R3916B Failing to Respond on SPI

Hi,I am using the ST25R3916B on a custom PCB and am having some field failures where it seem that the device is failing to respond on SPI to my microcontroller.  When I get the board back in house I can see that my first SPI command to read the ID re...

Resolved! st25r3918

Hi, I have been working on a project where i use st25r3918. However, I could not make it work. I have checked my hardware by using other boards and it looks like it is working. For sorftware, I have tried using st25r3911's library and have changes ac...

MimiTrn by Associate
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