ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! Active NFC tag for wristband

I’m a tech journalist and I’m doing a little feature on NFC. What I need is an NFC wristband that isn’t just passive.What I’m after is an wristband that could be tapped to other NFC wristbands (the same models) to exchange some basic info (a line of ...

Resolved! x-nucleo-nfc08a1, card emulator mode

I'm using X-NULCEO-NFC08A1 with NUCLEO-L476RG and sw sdk X-CUBE-NFC6 (project X-CUBE-NFC6\Projects\NUCLEO-L476RG\Applications\NFC08A1_PollingTagDetect).I'm using an IPHONEX (ios16.5) with a custom app that writes nfc tag (but I've also tried the free...

mgelosa by Associate II
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