ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! NFC03A1 with Raspberry Pi 4, tag not detecting

HW : Raspberry PI 4 with NFC03A1 board connected to SPISW : Linux_RFAL_st25r95_v2.0.4.tar.gzwe built and we are able to run on the Rpi board, poller exampleissue :ISO1444A tag not detectedSPI seems to be working, we observed IDN command responds with...

venukrish by Associate III
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Resolved! Wrong defaults in ST25R3916/7 datasheet

Hi,I have implemented a NFC sniffer for Flipper Zero (with ST25R3916), and I found wrong information in the datasheet regarding the default values of the chip registers (all of them in Space A): Register 0x0c defaults to 0x2d rather than 0x2c as indi...

Resolved! JAVA Card

Hello every body.I hope you are doing well.We are designing a smart card reader can communicate with java cards both contact and contactless.Our MCU is STM32F405RGT6 and we want to use ST8024L for contact section.For contactless section we decided to...

Resolved! ST25R3916 Discovery GUI issue

Hi,I'm not able to use the GUI (W7). The DFU driver is not detected and the guidelines to fix it are not clear.At page 5/32 the UM2517 claims:Enter “C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\ST25R3916_Discovery_GUI\Driver�? and install it.But the \Dr...

Gaston by Associate III
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Hello everybody, We hope you are doing well.we planned to use ST25R95 chip to create a smart card reader that can communicate with all smart cards and java cards (MIFARE and NFC). we read in ST25R95 datasheet that this chip does not support write act...

Resolved! Getting multiple errors in ReadMultipleBlocks depending on the number of blocks I request to read

Hi everyone,I have just discovered that I have multiple errors when I try to read more than 30 blocks, rfalNfcvPollerReadMultipleBlocks() function depending on the number of blocks I try to read.Firstly, I want you to talk about the TAG I am reading:...

Resolved! Support Linux & AOSP

Hi supporter, I'm working with ST25R for NFC reader which read e-passport.In our current set up, system run on STM32MP1, some open source provides example via CCID and pcsc-lite driver.Based on my knowledge, currently only userspace application is su...

phucle by Associate
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Resolved! ST25R3918 Read Register Shift Right

Hello,I'm working on a project where I'm using the ST25R3918 with RFAL libraries. Initially, I read the IC identity register and performed a right shift. Why did I perform this right shift?I modified the read register function, added a right shift, a...