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Resolved! NFC reader ST25R3916B EXT_LM pin

Hi,My application used ST25R3916B for transmit power for the card only.1. Is it possible to leave the EXT_LM pin unused or exclude external load modulation from my application?2. Can I use the testing point only on the pin EXT_LM pin?Best,Dalik LIM 

Dalik by Associate III
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Resolved! NFC Reader ST25R95

1. NFC ST25R95 Can I process if I don't use the MCU to control?2. Can I boot up voltage to 10V for pin TX1 and TX2 for differential pair?Best,Dalik

Dalik by Associate III
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Resolved! CR95HF SendRecv Response for ISO-15693

I'm using a CR95HF NFC reader (a Mickroe RFID Click) using the UART port. I'm using ISO 15693 to communicate with my tag. I'm issuing the following commands (I know it looks like I'm using the eval board, but I'm actually using my own Python program:...

DWalk.3 by Associate III
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Resolved! Energy Harvesting

I am Using ST25DV04KC-IE8C3 In My Project as NFC Tags and Readers as well as Energy Harvesting. In Our Project, we are using  STM32L4A6VGT6 as the main MCU so, can we use energy harvesting and operate STM32L4A6VGT6 with other peripherals like reading...

Resolved! St25r3917b workerstate stuck in state 2

Hello, i am developing a firmware on EFR32 platform, most problem were solve and the st25r3917b could communicate with the EFR32 via I2C.However , something weird happened when i migrate code from a testboard to a actural board.1. The code works perf...

LCHAN.41 by Associate II
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Resolved! ST25R3916B

Hi, I am designing NFC transceiver with ST25R3916B for EV charger and I have few questions regarding this.1. I saw that its transmit power is related to antenna size I can use so what is the maximum antenna size can I use? (Area I want to cover is ap...

Resolved! NFC Reader for ST25DV04KC

Hi,I'm working with the ST25DV04KC tag (ISO15693 type 5) and I want to both read and write data to it.I'm looking for a compatible NFC reader that can connect to the computer via USB port, using an USB-to-Serial converter. The use case would be to wr...

Resolved! Issue read/write block after 255 (0xFF)

Hi, we have a problem in our NFC app implementation in React Native. NFC card is st25dv64k-IWe use library react-native-nfc-manager to read/write single block and works good. The problem here is when we need to do it with a block greater than 255.We ...

adria by Associate
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