ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! ST25RU3993-HPEV with external MCU

Hello everyone,I'm trying to detect some RFID tags with the STSW-ST25RU-SDK wich is give here.I try to detect some tags with the Gen2_Inventory() function but when the ST25RU3993 detect a tag, an interrupt turn on and after my external MCU go directl...

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PRena.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Multiplexing NFC antenna on CR95HF

Hello,I am using a CR95HF NFC transceiver and want to have the option to select one of two antennas in my design.I had protoyped this idea with some Skyworks RF mulitplexers and a CR95HF development kit, essentially tapping into where the antenna joi...

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Resolved! Support for ICODE ILT tags

Hi,I would like to use NXP ICODE ILT tags (ISO18000-3) with the ST25R3911B device.As ISO18000-3 is similar to ISO15693, is it possible to use stream mode (as in RFAL) to support ISO18000-3 ? Is there any HW limitation ?  If no, did any of you already...

fredj0207 by Associate III
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Resolved! How about STM32l4 power consumption


Resolved! ST25R3916b connected to nRF52840 via SPI. Problems to Integrate RFAL-Library in Embedded Studio.

Hi,I go my own hardware, that connects the ST25R3916b-aq chip to a nRF52840 Bluetooth Module and its SPI bus.  (and the I2C bus, just in case).Im using the Segger Embedded Studio with the nRF5 SDK for programming.Because and the communication is quit...

pososos by Associate II
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Resolved! kill command does not work

Hi, It looks like the kill command is not working for ST25TV16K. I am getting an error command as shown below:The register values are given below:  

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Luke_abc by Associate III
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