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STM6601 one button reset operation

HiI using STM6601, but my device only has only one button. I want to get a reset with a long press, but the datasheet says that the SR input cannot be connected to ground all time.Perhaps there is another way to reset?

EEPROM M95M01 Write-in-Progress Monitor between writes

Hello,I'm having some problems with the M95M01 EEPROM.Firstly, I had a problem where after the writing the data to the EEPROM was not consistent with the read made afterward. I could narrow down the problem to be related to the way that I'm monitorin...

andrec by Associate
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stwlc98 TX mode

What steps are required to set stwlc98 to TX mode?If you set 0x0020 to 01, 0x000E becomes 03.However, AC1 and AC2 do not cause burst oscillation.The Optional (TX mode only) circuit is on the board, and VOUT is connected to 5V.

Hisanori by Associate
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STMicroelectronics: M24M01-DFMN6TP

Hi,We have a few questions for the M24M01-DFMN6TP.Is this part still active?What is the estimated year to EOL for this part?Thanks,Andy  

VN by Associate
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RF2L36075CF2 and other RF transistors models

I want to use unmatched transistors from ST in my projects.But I want to use then in non standard bandSo, are there transistor models avialable - s-parameters or nonliear modelsp.s. I am using AWRDE for simulations

JWizard by Associate
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