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Resolved! VL6180X Intensity of emitted IR light

Intensity of visible light is measured in lux, but by definition this cannot be used for IR light, which is not on the visible spectrum. What is the intensity of the IR emitter on the VL6180X and what would the units be?

BWilk.2 by Associate II
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Ultra Low Power Gesture Sensor

For my application, I need to detect left swipe, right swipe, up, down, and that’s it for now. My product runs on AA batteries so power consumption is crucial. It is an “appliance�? that sits waiting on a counter top for someone to walk up to it, so ...

MLanc.1 by Associate
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VL53L3 Emitter Exclusion (Angle)Cone Problem

Hi everyone,I have problem for VL53L3CXV0DH/1. It is very difficult to describe the problem. I hope I can explain. You know that angles of VL53L3CXV0DH is like below.I have PCB that includes VL53L3. The light will flash each time if the sensor detect...

0693W00000NqKe2QAF.png 0693W00000NqKn4QAF.png 0693W00000NqKniQAF.png 0693W00000NqKo7QAF.png
fafeyto by Associate II
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