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Resolved! VL53L5CX not measuring far distances

I am using multiple VL53L5CX sensors to measure distances around a robot using the 4x4 resolution, target order closest and ranging in countinuous mode. When I'm measuring a distance close to the sensor ~500mm and then the object is suddenly removed ...

mreumer by Associate
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water level monitor with time of flight sensor

Hi friends,  currently Iam working for the project (water level monitor with time of flight sensor).  For my application it should sense  around 4 meters.  I have selected the sensor (vl53l5cx) which is 2.7 meters sensing range which black reflective...

Arun by Associate
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Resolved! About temperature calibration of VL53L1X

Hello,I am developing a system using VL53L1X.I have read UM2510 (A guide to using the VL53L1X ultra lite driver).This library implements the function called "StartTemperatureUpdate".The description for this function states, "This function performs th...

KArai.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! VL53L4CX long series of bad measures

Hi, I'm testing some VL53L4CX for about 10 months with nrf52832 using I2C. It's used in very dark conditions and within 3m and I take 15 measures 24 times a day.Between periods of measures I completely power off the sensor with an LDO.It works fine f...

about argument of VL53L1X_CalibrateXtalk()

Dear Sir,There is a question about argument  VL53L1X_CalibrateXtalk().For cross talk calibration, we will use  VL53L1X_CalibrateXtalk()  with argument of uint16_t TargetDistInMm,we should give Xtalk calibration distance to  the argument. But, we wond...

DSai.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Looking for a Distance calculating Sensor

Hi ,we are looking for a distance sensor that meets the below requirements1.Working distance 5mm to 200mm2. Resolution steps: 0.01mm steps what is the minimum resolution steps your sensor can provide. Let me know if you need anything else.