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VL53L0X inaccurate off-perpendicular?

I'm using the VL35L0X.ino demo code on an Arduino UNO and a clone VL53L0X sensor. I very carefully measured the off-perpendicular distance measurements obtained from the VL53L0X and compared them to actual tape measure measurements. On average there...

0693W000001cY9MQAU.jpg 0693W000001cY9RQAU.jpg
FPayn.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! VL53L5CX status Mean

when I use VL53L5CX and get a status, then check with the table, but I still need further description than can explain STATUS means what.It's better like the picture below. Now I meet status 2, but I do not know why this happened.  

MasterNi_0-1700107393838.png MasterNi_1-1700107734675.png
MasterNi by Associate
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Resolved! Long Range TOF

Hello, I want to ask about the maximum range of VL53L1CB, as it says in the table (as seen in attached photo) that it's up to 8m. However, in data sheet or specification just says over 400cm.1) So is the performance should be good at 8m range outdoor...

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 10.26.20.png
E_K by Associate
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VL53L4CX not NewDataReady

Hello, i've been using a couple of VL53L4CX tof for a month with no problem so far, but recently i bought a few more and none of these work. (These new ones are the same model that the ones that worked).Analyzing with a digital osciloscope the I2C co...

JaFrauca by Associate
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Resolved! User Manual for STSW-IMG035

Howdy,I am working on a project that utilizes a VL53L5CX ToF Sensor, and I am looking to use the STSW-IMG035 libraries for M0+ chips in my project. In the databrief for the sensor, it refers to "an easy-to-read user manual" which I cannot seem to fin...

adirt by Associate
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Resolved! Unable to start ranging on the vl53l8cx

Hello,I've already used the vl53l5cx and it worked flawlessly, so I decided to try the newest one. I'm working on an esp32s3 and a satel-vl53l8 using the ULD. I completed the platform file, and it initialized the sensor without errors. But when the s...

RJRP by Associate II
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