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VL53L0X Header files

Hello I'm currently trying to create a driver for the mbed platform (especially the LPC1768, as I work with this one the most) and I wanted to know, if the following header files are actually needed:windows.htime.hSERIAL_COMMS.hAlso, are the log file...

VL53L01 optical center register setting

Hi.Please help me with VL53l1.1)     Is it possible to read distance from individual pixel or is it only some kind of interpolation of the 4 x 4 region?2)     Is there a description of registers which should be modified (and how they should be modifi...

baev_al by Associate II
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Resolved! VL53L0X I2C Commands

​Can someone point me in the direction where I can find a document giving the I2C register locations to control the VL53L0X. I am trying to read out ranges using an FPGA and the standard I2C bus but all I have found is the device address is 0x52.Than...

RNobe by Associate
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How to improve color accuracy?

Hi all,I have been experimenting with the X-NUCLEO-53L1A1 and the NUCLEO-F401RE and here are my results. Actual distance White Box Black Box Difference20cm 20.4cm 19.4cm ...

VL6180X measurement in a tube (FoV change?)

We'd like to measure distance in a tube with VL6180X. Tests with a diameter of approx. 5 cm show that the max. distance is reduced and the sensor is underranging. That is probably because the sensor receives some light reflected from the side walls. ...

rastik by Associate III
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Resolved! VL53L1X reduced FoV

According to the docs I've read maximum FoV using 16x16 SPADs is 27 degrees and minimum FoV using 4x4 SPADs is 15 degrees. But if my math is correct, when side of the measured area is 1/4th then the FoV should be approx. 6.7 degrees. Aren't the SPADs...

rastik by Associate III
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Resolved! Difference between VL53L1X_Gui and ULD API

When comparing the data sent from VL53L1X ULD and from VL53L1X_Gui I can see some differences.In particular, I was comparing values sent to registers 0x005e and 0x0061 that are used to configure timing budget. I'm not going to write all measurements ...

rastik by Associate III
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