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Validation error on target

I need help. I am trying to validate on target : STM32L476RG nucleo board.E200(ValidationError): stm32: Unable to bind the STM AI runtime with "network" c-model: []  connection to "serial:COM4:115200"/"COM4:115200" run-time fails  E801(HwIOError): In... I'm using X-CUBE_AI 7.1.0 but having trouble compiling this example project for motion detection.

ai_input[0].n_batches = 1; 'ai_buffer' {aka 'struct ai_buffer_'} has no member named 'n_batches'network.hAI_DEPRECATED#define AI_NETWORK_IN \ ai_network_inputs_get(AI_HANDLE_NULL, NULL)This comes up invalid initializer error.Any ideas? The initial c...

RBenf.11 by Associate
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Guidelines for ASC from FP-AI-SENSING1

Did you ever prepare a guideline like this one but for ASC instead?I have my own two-classes NN, keras model and the B-L475E-IOT01.After replacing asc and asc_data ...

MSant.11 by Associate III
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