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Let's create a GitHub repository to improve an eco system of fp-ai-sensing1

Associate III

Dear ST engineers.

When we purchase ST development boards (e.g., STEVAL-STLKT01V1, STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1, and B-L475E-IOT01), we can download the FP-AI-SENSING1 packages from the address below. AFAIK, currently, the ST vendor is releasing version 4.0.3.


I have one question to improve the usability of the ST boards (Especially, B-L475E-IOT01). I wonder if there is an official Github address that ST company is officially operating to maintain the history of FP-AI-SENSING1 package sources. If there is an official Github address, please contact us. Users of the ST development board can contribute their source codes such as bug fixes or performance improvements into the GitHub repository (e.g., fp-ai-sensing1, as a tentative name) while using the FP-AI-SENSING1 package source.

I saw 468 repositories at the ST MicroElectronics github address below.

However, out of 468 repositories, the repository for FP-AI-SENSING1 could not be found yet.


In case of the mobile application, STBLESensor, we can download the software at the as following:

·  STBLESensor Mobile App (Bin),

·  STBLESensor Mobile App (Src),

I want ST Electronics to archive the FP-AI-SENSINGE1 softeare as well at the for encouraging source contribution and effecive maintenance.


Associate III

I am looking for the following source files compatible with STM32-Cube-AI 7.3.0 from the FP-AI-SENSING1 package.

How can I get the these sources files?

1. for HAR: har_Preprocessing.c, har_Processing.c, and har_Postprocessing.c

2. for ASC: asc_featurescaler.c, asc_processing.c, and asc_postprocessing.c