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SensorTile configuration in CUBEMX to do audio scene clasification


Hello everyone

I have the SensorTile board and I am trying to follow the Mooc in FPAISENING1 in order to understand the example with the audio scene clasification:

On this video, when the teacher explained the configuration with the CUBEMx used the board B-L475E-IOT01A. The configuration is pre-loaded on the CUBEMx but I have the board STEVAL-STLKT01V1 and this one is not available in CUBEMX, therefore I have to do the configuration manually and I am not an expert.

Could anyone send me the .ioc file with the pins and clocks configuration to execute the Audio Scene Clasification like the video do? I understand that someone of ST has this configuration clear because the audio scene clasification can be executed in  STEVAL-STLKT01V1.

Thank you very much

Kind regards

Associate II

If it is not supported in CubeMX, I don't think you can find .ico file for it. Most likely you have to choose the MCU on it and start from scratch to configure the peripherals and manually add driver for sensors (microphone for audio sensing?)