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What is this C syntax?

The following is the code generated by X-CUBE-AI of STM32CubeIDE ,but I can't understand it. /** Array declarations section **********************************************/ /* Array#0 */ AI_ARRAY_OBJ_DECLARE( input_1_output_array, AI_ARRAY_FORMAT_...

Resolved! Face Recognition MCU Selection

Hello,I have been conducting research for a while for a new project initiation. The project aims to design a smart access control system for 500 users using STM32. In designing this, we are implementing face recognition with FP_AI_FACEREC in the STM3...

Problem with LSTM from pytorch.

Hi,I am trying to deploy a network based on LSTM created with pytorch. The model is analysed correctly but validation on Desktop gives the following error: LOAD ERROR: exception: access violation reading 0x0000000000000004 In the MCU a hardfault rais...

ASalc.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Problem with from Model Zoo

 Hi,I am currently working on my Final Year Project, which involves implementing a plant disease detection model on the STM32H747i-Disco board. My project is inspired by an image classification example from the model zoo.Back in October 2023, I succe...

Deploy.png chew_0-1706091318533.jpeg
chew by Associate III
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